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The Tour is functionally more versatile and is therefore a heavier table. It features a Red Oak frame.
Headpiece Flexes & extends, Raises vertically, Multi-positional, Two drops(Straight & Forward Motion), Adjustable cushions at the front end, Detachable for use as a portable headpiece.
Thoracic Section Optical Drop & Incline, no contour
Drops Available Cervical (2), Thoracic, Pelvic & Caudal
Ankle Rest Extension Standard
Upgrades & Accessories See chart below
The Sports is a more basic and lighter-weight tabel.
Headpiece Flexes & extends, Raises
Thoracic Section Contoured cushion
Drops Available Pelvic
Ankle Rest Extension Optional
Upgrades & Accessories See chart below
Tour vs Sport Comparison Chart
    Tour Sport
FEATURES Headpiece Flexion & Extension
Headpiece Vertical Elevation  
Headpiece Straight Drop  
Headpiece Forward Motion Drop  
Headpiece Cushion Adjustability  
Headpiece Detachability  
Prone Arm Rest
Thoracic Contour  
Thoracic Drop & Incline Optional  
Abdominal Swing-Away Optional  
Pelvic Drop Optional Optional
Caudal Drop Optional  
Ankle Rest Extension Optional
Height Choices 17" - 24" 14" - 24"
Flexion Distracion Optional Optional
Lateral Flexion Optional  
Elevation Conversion Base Optional  
Crescent Arm Rest Optional Optional
Comfort Pillow Optional Optional
Headpiece Extension Pillow Optional  
Side Arm Rests Optional  
Height Raising Legs Optional  
Protective Cover Optional Optional
Pull Cart Optional Optional
Airline Travel Case Optional Optional
Weight in lbs.(varies with options) 50-60 37-48
Base Price (options extra) $1200 $525